Aurinoco Systems

Auroville's Campus wide GPON fiber network.


Intranet Services rolled out on the AVCAN network.

Services available on the intranet.

HotSpot around Auroville

Aurinoco is setting up HotSpots around AV which can used for access to high-speed fiber. The HotSpots are enabled for roaming accounts so that all Aurinoco HotSpot accounts can be used at various other public sites. For info on our vouchers write to


Linux & WSUS updates

iOS coming soon..

Linux and Windows updates over local fiber - to save you monthly internet bandwidth!


Live Streaming

No more scurrying for those GMs and public meetings

Catch-up on GM and meetings from Unity Pavilion, SAIIER, Foundation and TownHall live at the comfort of your office and home. Watch the latest educational documentaries on our streams channel on VLC.



Local VOIP calling

Aurinoco has setup an Asterisk server for all your local calll needs. Works over desktop and mobile. Write to us to get setup today.